A Curriculum Designed for Teachers of American Sign Language

Seven diverse students sit on a bench with a large banner behind them with the TWA logo. Each student is chatting, using their phone or laptop.

Finally. An ASL Textbook That Works.

Crafted by Deaf ASL Teachers with decades of teaching experience, TRUE+WAY American Sign Language (ASL) offers a groundbreaking approach to modern ASL education.

It extends beyond learning signs, engaging students in genuine and real-world conversations.

Adaptable to any classroom type, TRUE+WAY ASL fits seamlessly into in-person, online, or hybrid learning environments.

What’s more? TRUE+WAY ASL is the only American Sign Language curriculum featuring a searchable What's the Sign? ASL dictionary, uniquely aligning with the textbook!

Contact us to discover the dynamic, effective, and truly representative of the future of ASL education with TRUE+WAY ASL.

Real World Outcomes


Virtual Platform


ASL teachers love TWA because it was designed by and for them.

True+Way ASL Artwork


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